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Corporate Overview

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Inovaare Corporation – Real-time CMS Compliance Solutions

Inovaare’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to automate health-plan audit and CMS compliance processes. By eliminating manual compliance processes, Inovaare helps health plans improve operational efficiency.

Inovaare’s CMS program experts oversee the implementation its customizable, HIPPA-compliant SaaS modules to ensure CMS audit readiness for any health plan.

The benefits?

Health plans will achieve:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Consistent CMS compliance
  • Higher productivity via automated workflows
  • Clean audit-universe generation
  • Accurate CMS regulatory reporting


Inovaare Edge

Built-in CMS Compliance

Most health-plan operations and compliance systems add applicable regulatory requirements as an overlay upon evolving IT frameworks. Inovaare is different.

The Inovaare Platform delivers:

  • HIPPA-compliant architecture to support data security
  • Turnkey SaaS modules with CMS compliance designed into the foundation
  • Consistently compliant CMS audits and reports that evolve lock-step with the ever-changing regulatory landscape

Real-time Data Automation

The Inovaare Platform enables health-plan compliance teams to monitor organizational performance at the source, in real-time.

The benefits of real-time data collection?

  • Real-time decision making
    Health-plan compliance leaders are no longer reliant on IT teams to create and deliver reports.
  • Improved efficiency
    Health-plan compliance teams are no longer dependent on diverse operational areas—or first-tier, downstream or related (FDR)-delegated entities—to send KPIs that haven’t been validated (or no longer exist).
  • Direct primary-system access
    Health-plan compliance teams can directly access primary sources of relevant operational data in the exact form & format that meets both organizational and CMS requirements.

Customization Comes Standard

One of Inovaare’s strongest assets is its flexibility and ability to response to evolving health-plan requirements quickly.

How do health plans benefit by partnering with Inovaare?

  • Customized solutions designed to fit unique health-plan systems
  • Continuous support, not just at the time of implementation
  • Quick, efficient compliance updates as CMS regulations change
  • No hidden costs; ongoing updates come at no additional cost


Inovaare’s Commitment

Each health plan’s compliance requirements are as complex and unique as the CMS regulations they aim to comply with. But, with Inovaare as a compliance partner, every shift in the regulatory landscape will be addressed quickly, efficiently and consistently.

Inovaare’s health-plan focused responsiveness and agility ensure health plans won’t get caught off guard or unprepared for a CMS audit. Inovaare’s CMS regulatory experts take the time to understand all unique requirements and objectives to achieve solutions based on each compliance and quality management software system (CQMS) platform to help ensure health plans achieve CMS compliance without impairing the CQMS or, most importantly, the bottom line.

Our Executive Team

Pravat Rout


A strategic thinker, Pravat began his career at TCS—followed by Concio and Azilon—prior to founding Inovaare in 2006 and AcesoCloud in 2015. With over 25 years of experience, his fortes include technology, innovation, change management and client engagement.

Brenda Wade

Chief Compliance Officer

With 15 years of experience in healthcare management & regulatory compliance, Brenda specializes in IT systems and platforms supporting compliance. She is responsible for overall compliance and contract requirements for Medicare Part C & D programs.

Gabe Viola

SVP, Implementation & Customer Relationship

Gabe is an industry veteran with over 32 years of managing health-plan operations. His expertise includes application processes, enrollment, claims processing, marketing, regulatory compliance and medical review.

Vipul Sanghvi

Chief Product Officer

As the Chief Product Officer, Vipul sets the strategy and direction for Inovaare’s enterprise cloud platform. Vipul has over 25 years of experience and began his career with TCS—followed by Concio & Azilon—prior to co-founding Inovaare in 2006.

Lakshmi Narasiman R

Head Product Delivery

Lakshmi began his career with TCS—followed by Concio & Azilon—prior to co-founding Inovaare in 2006. With over 25 years of experience, Lakshmi specializes in product conceptualization and has built innovative products for health-plan compliance and regulatory requirements.