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Real-time Compliance Data Elevates Effective Decision Making

Inovaare offers a web-based, interactive data-analytics solution that combines data mining, machine learning and big-data frameworks to deliver:

  • Real-time compliance insights
  • Automated analytics reports
  • Compliance risk assessments
This cloud-based platform harnesses disparate business data and automatically imports it into a compliance analytics tool that displays critical health-plan compliance information in real time so compliance personnel can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Inovaare’s compliance data-analytics tools optimize:

  • Emerging trends analysis
  • Process-vulnerabilities identification
  • Risk management and oversight

Key Benefits

  • Customizable KPI metrics
  • Automated compliance reports
  • Real-time dashboard with integrated audit results
  • Embedded audit rules for continuous monitoring


Automated key-performance-indictor metrics streamed directly from business data sources.

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Monitoring Metrics

Health-plan vital signs and potential risks reported continuously in real time.

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