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Automated Key Performance Indicators

Health plans must successfully manage risks to ensure CMS compliance. They are also required to monitor, identify and manage risks related to first-tier, downstream and related (FDR) vendors. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and the Balanced Scorecard method help compliance managers simplify internal and FDR vendor oversight.

Inovaare’s KPIs is a powerful compliance tool that:

  • Connects and captures business data from disparate sources in real time
  • Analyzes and compiles KPI data automatically
  • Integrates data-analysis results within one KPI dashboard

This proactive health-plan compliance tool not only delivers essential KPI information, it also generates automated risk alerts. As a cloud-based, intelligent platform with a real-time dashboard, KPIs measures key performance targets vs. actuals to automatically highlight areas of concern.

Key Benefits

Inovaare KPI Dashboard
  • Intelligent search feature finds data relationships
  • Rich data storytelling supports collaboration via customized KPI reports
  • FDR analysis compares delegated entities and highlights trends
  • Risk Alerts trigger when KPI metrics change

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