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Monitoring Metrics

Continuously Monitor Compliance Metrics to Improve Efficiency

Health-plan compliance personnel must gather and review a lot of data. However, compliance programs are only as good as the quality of data gathered for—or, worst of all, omitted from—analysis.

Factors that contribute to erroneous or missing compliance data include:

  • Information resides within different business departments
  • Disparate systems compile different documentation
  • Compliance teams lack time and resources for end-to-end information vetting
Inovaare’s Monitoring Metrics is an interactive compliance-performance management tool that automates the complete process. This tool empowers compliance personnel to quickly review real-time metrics via an intuitive dashboard that displays:

  • Critical health-plan statistics
  • Compliance vital signs
  • Risk alerts

With Monitoring Metrics, health plans can now measure, monitor and manage compliance performance more efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Converts millions of data points into actionable data
  • Compiles key performance measures into clear categories
  • Integrates reporting across the organization for more dynamic insights
  • Expedites the decision-making process

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