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Audit Management

Simplify Regulatory Compliance Audits and Monitoring Processes

Audit management has become increasingly challenging, due to evolving businesses complexities that require additional audits. This makes the use of spreadsheet-based systems for managing internal audit programs unsuitable.

Inovaare’s Audit Management software ensures effective risk management and compliance with CMS regulations by streamlining how you manage audits. It will revolutionize your audit-management requirements by allowing you to simultaneously merge audit workflows while optimizing overview and management processes.

This tool is specially designed for audit management. It delivers easy-to-use reporting tools embedded within an accessible web-based solution.

Designed upon a robust and customizable platform, Audit Management provides:

  • On-demand reporting options
  • Advanced analytics
  • Multidimensional visibility

Audit Management seamlessly integrates with health-plan compliance systems to increase efficiency while providing trackable data.

Key Benefits

Inovaare Audit
  • Intuitive real-time dashboards and reports for health-plan management, audit committees and stakeholders
  • Standardized workflow-driven audit processes that minimize errors
  • Optimized audit-process visibility, simplifying risk management and compliance
  • Expedited feedback processes to mitigate operational and enterprise risks
  • Increased productivity, by facilitating collaboration within your organization
  • Tracked findings, recommendations and action plans

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