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Regulatory Library

Simplify Regulatory Notices and Memos Management

On average, health plans receive 10 to 15 regulatory memos or notices a week. These all must be reviewed and interpreted by the compliance department.

Staying current on constantly evolving information is difficult, at best. But, without an effective process in place to manage these memos, your health-plan compliance is consistently at risk.

Inovaare’s Regulatory Library empowers health plans to:

  • Streamline review processes
  • Coordinate communication throughout all compliance entities
  • Improve timely regulatory-memo responses
Uploading notices—such as HPMS memos and health-plan letters—to the Regulatory Library couldn’t be easier.

Inovaare Regulatory Library

Key Benefits

  • Centralize, organize and streamline your entire regulatory memo and management processes
  • Efficiently communicate information throughout your organization
  • Update and track required responses and due dates
  • Create assignments for memos that require action from the health plan, employing the integrated-task functionality
  • Incorporate reporting tools that improve the management of HPMS memo statuses
  • Improve visibility and access to ensure the review of all regulatory memos
  • Search and locate guidance easily, to facilitate efficient organizational compliance
  • Ensure accurate review, understanding and compliance through the capture of acknowledgments and test results

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