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Risk Assessments

Proactive Risk Assessments Mitigate Operational and Reputational Damage

Ironically, organizations that primarily focus risk-management initiatives on regulatory compliance and financial controls can expose themselves to unanticipated risk. There’s a growing need for more sophisticated risk-assessment tools to enable broader control over a wide array of internal and external concerns including:

  • Market risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Financial risk
  • Operational risk
  • IT risk
  • Legal risk
  • Brand- or reputation-related risks

Inovaare’s Risk Assessments provides a comprehensive risk-management framework to help business leaders identify, assess and manage risks relevant to their businesses. This powerful yet highly customizable solution comes with templates, metrics and workflows to complement existing risk-management policies and procedures.

Key Benefits

Inovaare Risk Assessments
  • Flexible reporting and data management
  • Identification, management, and control of risk in real time
  • Integrated into existing policy and protocol
  • Full audit-trail maintenance
  • Direct costs reduced, by lowering risk levels
  • End-to-end risk management process, including delegation of responsive action and tracking progress

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