Automation that Enhances Administrative Efficiency

To be at the top of the Medicaid segment, your efforts must be targetted at reducing operational inefficiencies and increasing the administrative ease and quickness.

Medicaid program administration is plagued by fraud and abuse and detecting and deterring such issues is the core of any compliance audit tool.

Inovaare’s comprehensive solutions for Medicaid providers range from claims processing to medical management and from managing administrative activities to network management. Inovaare supports Medicaid providers, including hospitals, to navigate the complex maze of Medicaid audit process. Inovaare’s audit solution for Medicaid compliance helps to investigate suspicious provider activity thereby, allowing them to recover illegitimate claims if processed. Inovaare enables Medicaid providers to conduct successful audits that lead to the early recovery of Medicaid funds and track provider compliance with Medicaid program statutes.

Key Benefits

  • Overall compliance with CMS
  • Increased administrative and operational efficiency
  • Automation that offers the flexibility to administer diverse plan designs
  • Lower operational cost
  • Integrate easily with third-party solutions
  • Adapt quickly to changing business and regulatory environment

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