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Centralize, Streamline and Automate Operational Processes

Health plans face challenges to address the influx of new members due to the:

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  • Modified HIPAA/HITECH regulations

These changes—including requirements to provide the CMS with more data—impact virtually every aspect of health plan operations, including:

  • Compliance
  • Billing
  • Contract management
  • Care operation

Inovaare’s suite of solutions enables health plans to centralize, streamline and automate these processes in order to meet Federal, State and other accreditation organization requirements. These solutions also empower payer plans to monitor CMS compliance and quality management in real time.

Provider Solutions

Incident Management

Inovaare Incident Management system automates tracking of critical information including:

  • Complaints
  • Legislative activities
  • CMS compliance
  • Virtually any item that needs to be tracked with their associated status, outcomes and other results

It also provides in-depth reporting capabilities to analyze incident data, which can be customized to meet any business need.

Privacy Breach Tracking

With finalization of HIPAA/HITECH rules, health plans needs to reassess their business-associate contracts and privacy-breach tracking program.

Inovaare’s Privacy Breach Tracking solution offers:

  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance
  • Rapid privacy breach identification
  • Workflows to track and notify the appropriate party, including the patient and Department of Health

Business Associate Oversight

Inovaare Business Associate Oversight solution helps payer organizations to:

  • Store business associate details
  • Manage risk profiles
  • Track the current state of the business associate agreement

The solution also offers a self-service portal for business associates to update the agreement and respond to various audits assigned by the health plan.

Contract Management

Inovaare’s Contract Management solution enables health plans to:

  • Manage contract life cycles
  • Provide a centralized contract repository
  • Track various contract parameters
  • Implement contract analytics

Corrective Action Plan Management

Inovaare’s Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Management solution allows health plans to:

  • Record and track CAP life cycles
  • Collaborate between departments
  • Expedite CAP execution and resolution


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