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Webinar — Impact of the CMS 2022 Program Audit Protocols

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Reporting & Analytics

Automated Reporting & Analytics Solutions

Why the Largest Health Plans Trust Inovaare's Reporting and Analytics Tools

The intuitive dashboards empower better decision making

Inovaare offers a web-based, interactive reporting & analytics solution that combines data mining, machine learning and big-data frameworks to deliver:

  • Real-time compliance insights
  • Automated analytics reports
  • Compliance risk assessments

This cloud-based platform harnesses disparate business data and automatically imports it into a compliance analytics tool that displays critical health-plan compliance information in real time so compliance personnel can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Inovaare’s compliance data-analytics tools optimize:

  • Emerging trends analysis
  • Process-vulnerabilities identification
  • Risk management and oversight reporting & analytics
Combine real-time data from all systems into one dashboard

Compliance Analytics

Compliance analytics is more than using data to derive insights from a compliance perspective. It’s the process of gathering all data throughout the health plan. It requires sophisticated analysis by using statistical algorithms to mine for patterns and anomalies and uncover fraud, policy violations and other misconduct. Unlike a risk assessment—which deals with items identified in the past—data analytics effectively enables compliance, risk and professional audits to proactively detect and continuously monitor potential issues in real time. Inovaare’s cloud-based analytics platform efficiently detects potential violations in real time by visually analyzing a health plan's own data.

Harness the power of enterprise-wide data

Regulatory Reporting

Inovaare’s reporting module integrates data from multiple sources to allow healthcare operations to consolidate the data and quickly create the required regulatory reports for submission, management, reconciliation and monitoring. The flexible and customizable module has been designed to meet existing as well as future regulatory reporting requirements including: CMS universe generation, quarterly CMS reporting requirements, state Medicaid reports, Serious Adverse events and many more. The cloud-based systems provides appropriate workflows so that health plans can import data from all source systems, consolidate and transform that data, and then apply compliant business rules.

Discover how real-time dashboards empower compliance teams

KPIs & Dashboards

Equipped with actionable data insights from its cloud-based dashboards, Inovaare ensures health plans can make better decisions based on real-time data. The sophisticated platform compiles dashboards populated with current data in real-time, so decisions aren't made while looking through the rearview mirror. Compliance teams can quickly display data in multiple styles, pie charts, graphs, interactive maps and more—with just a few clicks—and build a dashboard that's instantly available to anyone that needs it. Health plans can know its reports are current and access its dashboards from anywhere: computer, tablet or phone.