MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Inovaare Corporation, a compliance and operations management software provider leading digital transformation within the healthcare industry, today announced it has updated all Risk and Compliance, Audit and Monitoring, and Appeals and Grievances solutions to include the 2022 CMS Program Audit protocols within eight weeks of the final protocols announcement in late May 2021.

Inovaare’s Universe Management solution, built upon its cloud-based compliance platform, scrubs up to 50,000 lines a minute using up-to-date CMS Program Audit protocols. This unparalleled functionality allows health plans to demonstrate their readiness to comply with the protocols that go into effect beginning in January 2022.

“Inovaare continues to lead digital transformation of compliance within the healthcare industry,” said Pravat Rout, chief executive officer at Inovaare. “As the health plans emerge from the pandemic era, Inovaare empowers its clients to reduce their CMS universe preparation, audit and monitoring efforts by delivering industry-leading solutions embedded with the latest regulatory requirements as well as advanced services.”

Compliance Built into the Solution

Traditionally, health plans commit resources for months while setting up all the data to comply with regulatory audits and the recently released protocols only add more complexity to their audit-readiness status. By embedding the 2022 protocols into its Universe Management, Audit & Monitoring, and Appeals & Grievances solutions, Inovaare ensures health plans can scrub their data in minutes, identify all universe table issues, validate clean universes and submit consistently compliant regulatory reports that meet the latest CMS requirements. Health plans can also efficiently monitor their universes on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

Continuous Monitoring to Reduce Noncompliance Risk

With the latest CMS protocols embedded within Inovaare’s solutions, health plans can conduct on-demand monitoring of their universes to efficiently manage risk. In addition to reducing mock-audit costs, continuous monitoring helps expedite TMP audit and CMS Program Audit turnaround times. Combined, Inovaare helps health plans prove to the CMS that they are properly managing their regulatory compliance responsibilities.

“Inovaare’s responsiveness to the latest CMS protocol changes is breathtaking,” said Brenda Wade, Inovaare’s chief compliance officer. “And this commitment to compliance excellence is why some of the largest health plans in the United States trust Inovaare to safeguard their compliance requirements.”