Inovaare’s Universe Scrubber encourages Universes to be routinely used as an ongoing compliance tool for Proactive, Real-time compliance

Sept 10, 2018 (Sunnyvale CA) – Inovaare Corp. (Inovaare) today announced the launch of Universe Scrubbersimple yet powerful solution for Payers to generate accurate Audit Universes for CMS submissionBusiness rules are pre-configured as per CMS mandates within the HIPAA compliant Scrubber for easy and quick validation of errors, both structural as well as business. On validation, the Scrubber suggests necessary rectifications to generate clean Universes.

“Accurate universes, today, have become a fundamental component of CMS submission by payers. They are also highly effective tools for monitoring, analysis and oversight. Generating clean Universes is important not just for a CMS audit but also to improve operations through Universes. A Universe failure can drastically affect your audit score, could lead to a referral for possible enforcement actions or adversely affect your ratings.,” said Pravat Rout, Founder of Inovaare. “However, the effort required to generate accurate and compliant CMS Universes is so high that most health plans do not routinely utilize them as an ongoing compliance tool.”

The Scrubber built on the Cognitive Search model powered by an AI, that runs on Google-like boolean commands. The solution includes advanced analytics wherein users can also generate instant dashboards and reports for KPIs for their own data, for greater insight and drill-downs.

“Common Universe issues include data in the wrong fields, missing data, inappropriate data, repeated errors despite CMS finding, file naming convention errors, and incorrect template, among others. Most of these are errors due to negligence or ignorance, and can cost a lot in terms of cost, ratings and time.” said Brenda Wade, Chief Compliance Officer, Inovaare. She said “With the Universe Scrubber you can generate error-free, compliant and CMS-ready Universes in at the click of a mouse. The Scrubber is a proactive compliance tool that allows independence to compliance function generate their reports for timely submissions, without depending on IT teams.

Inovaare’s Universe Scrubber is an integrated solution that scrubs Authorizations, Claims, Appeals and Grievances. Using the Scrubber Payers can significantly reduce undercharges and denials, minimize penalties and referrals, speed up appeals and grievances resolution, optimize operational cost and improve their STAR ratings and bottom lines.