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Regulatory Compliance Software

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Why Regulatory Compliance Management Teams Trust Inovaare​

The data platform delivers continuous compliance in real time

Because it was designed by CMS compliance experts with over 125 years of combined experience, Inovaare’s Regulatory Compliance software suite empowers health plans to achieve real-time oversight for efficient management of non-compliance issues. Having walked far more than a mile in its clients’ shoes, Inovaare understands the complex Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial regulatory compliance requirements and simplified the workflows through automation.

Each industry-leading cloud-based software module provides best-practice applications that set health plans up for continuous success right out of the box. However—since not all health plans are created equal—Inovaare works with its clients to tailor the  regulatory compliance management applications to fit their unique processes.

Auditing and Monitoring compliance
Drive Corrective Actions to Completion

Incident Management

Architected by CMS regulatory compliance experts, Inovaare ensures health plans can effectively track and manage issues that have been identified as a risk or potential non-compliance. This includes automating corresponding follow-up actions and activities. Inovaare's Incident Management module empowers regulatory compliance management teams to drive continuous improvement activities across the entire enterprise. Now, payers can analyze trends, draw insights across multiple departments, implement and track corrective actions and then accurately measure real-time results.


Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Efficiently and effectively correct issues uncovered during an audit, identified non-compliance, or issues identified in a customer complaint. Inovaare's CAP automation monitors whether or not an implemented CAP is in the process of yielding intended results and meeting identified goals for reducing errors. The automated monitoring is a continuous process and results are stored in a centralized database that enables different departments across the health plan to collaborate efficiently.

Update and track responses and due dates in real time

Regulatory Library

Inovaare understands exactly how challenging it is to stay current on constantly evolving regulatory requirements. So Inovaare does the heavy lifting and constantly updates its cloud-based Regulatory Library for compliance management teams. Efficiency is built into the system to ensure a process is in place to manage memos and ensure health-plan compliance is not consistently at risk. Regulatory Library equips health plans to streamline review processes and coordinate communication across all departments as well as update and monitor required due dates.

Locate documents with smart search tools

Contract & Policy Tracking

Powerful and easy to use, Inovaare's cloud-based Contract and Policy Tracking module allows regulatory compliance management teams to collaborate across the entire health plan as well as store and manage all regulatory contracts and policies in a secure and centralized repository. Contract and Policy Tracking automate the contract and policy lifecycle to increase productivity. Easily locate documents and expiration dates with a robust set of search tools—including Optical Character Recognition (OCR)—which makes searching scanned documents simple. Never miss a key date with customizable alerts and reminders to help compliance teams stay ahead of expiring timelines.

Regulatory Compliance Management software
Identify, analyze, monitor and mitigate existing hazards

Risk Management

With unparalleled regulatory compliance management experience, Inovaare's risk assessment experts understand the need for more sophisticated tools to perform accurate risk assessments. So its cloud-based Risk Assessment module empowers health plans to exert stronger control over a wide array of internal and external risks including market, strategic, financial, operational, IT, legal, brand or reputation-related issues. This powerful yet highly customizable solution comes with templates, metrics and workflows to complement existing risk-management policies and procedures.

Key Regulatory Compliance Software Benefits

Healthcare Payer Solution
  • Easy to Integrate—The fully integrated solution lets compliance teams to leverage their existing systems
  • User-friendly Interface—Automated workflows and task-driven design concepts result in clean and intuitive user interfaces
  • Improved Productivity—The Regulatory Compliance Management suite can increase compliance-team productivity by at least 48% and reduce operating costs of oversight programs by 18% within the first year
  • 360-degree Visibility—Incident Management empowers the chief compliance officer and health plan regulatory compliance management teams to achieve real-time oversight across all departments
  • CAPA Automation—Assign follow-up Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) tasks to employees in response to a particular issue of non-compliance

Regulatory Compliance Software Packages

Regulatory Compliance Pro 30 & Regulatory Compliance Enterprise

Inovaare knows the world of Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial health plans from decades of hands-on Regulatory Compliance department oversight. This expertise resulted in a regulatory compliance software platform rich in features and it’s unparalleled in the market.

Inovaare created two Regulatory Compliance software packages to meet any health plan’s unique requirements: Regulatory Compliance Pro 30 and Regulatory Compliance Enterprise. For many health plans, Regulatory Compliance Pro 30 is an out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented within 30 days to lower operating costs and improve member experience. However, for payers who require more complex processes, Regulatory Compliance Enterprise can be customized to address each requirement.

Regulatory Compliance Pro 30

Quick implementation solution for health plans
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  • Incident Management
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Regulatory Library
  • Risk Management
  • Automated alerts
  • Standard workflows
  • Standard reporting/dashboards
  • Standard Audit Suite upgrade
  • Contract & policy tracking

Regulatory Compliance Enterprise

Customized implementation solution for health plans
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  • Incident management
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Regulatory Library
  • Risk Management & Assessment
  • Automated alerts
  • Customized workflows
  • Advanced reporting/dashboards
  • Contract & policy tracking
  • Custom reports & dashboards