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Inovaare Platform

Automate compliance to improve efficiency in real time

Why the Largest Health Plans Trust Inovaare's Platform

Consistent accuracy, real-time compliance and iron-clad data security

Inovaare designs HIPAA-compliant health-plan software—built on an end-to-end regulatory compliance, operations and audit-management data platform—to streamline CMS and state regulatory reporting requirements and quality improvement processes. This innovative and intuitive cloud-based platform automates data collection from complex health plan processes across disparate departments to create a centralized, integrated information management system.

Data security is essential in healthcare and Inovaare has its clients covered. Its qualified and certified IT security experts manage data security to keep up-to-date regarding the latest global threats and risks. Inovaare performs internal and external assessments to ensure that all necessary elements are checked—from an information security perspective—as well as to make sure data is secured at all times.

Inovaare’s information security objectives are amalgamated into cross-cloud platforms where its software-as-a-system (SaaS) solutions reside. This way, Inovaare can ensure it delivers consistently reliable solutions with high uptime, uninterrupted availability and iron-clad data security.

We Do IT Right

Inovaare Platform highlights

The Inovaare Platform is customizable and supports tailored solutions designed to fit the unique needs of any health plan. This platform enables health-plan personnel to effectively manage health-plan compliance programs, efficiently satisfy CMS and state regulation requirements, and proactively mitigate regulatory, operational, and reputational risk.

Health plans can eliminate spreadsheets and ad hoc databases by streaming their compliance-program data through the Inovaare Platform to achieve continuous compliance.

Compliance Suite

Implement ready-to-use health-plan compliance applications with forms, workflows, business rules, risk alerts and access-level control.


Merge disparate system data into a centralized information management system to support company-wide interaction and processing.

HIPAA Compliant

Leverage multiple HIPAA-compliant layers of data to compile high-quality CMS regulatory information and ensure data security.

Cognitive Analytics

Receive real-time reports, intuitive dashboards and insightful analytics to mitigate health-plan compliance risk and improve efficiency.

Inovaare Platform Features

Appeals & Grievances, Regulatory Compliance and Audit & Monitoring all on one platform

Custom Forms

Create flexible, customized forms to capture all data elements within the end-to-end lifecycle of any given health-plan business process.

Process Queue

See all health-plan regulatory and operational processes pending action in single glance. Quickly review due dates and process overdue issues.


Deploy powerful workflow tools configured to eliminate the need for health plans to support multiple spreadsheets or ad hoc databases.

Document Library

Store health-plan documents related to an incident or event in a single repository for efficient access and expedient compliance resolution.

Automated Alerts

Set up customized, automated email alerts for specific compliance events such as due dates, incident creation, status changes and more.

Task Management

View all tasks in one centralized resource to efficiently coordinate communications related to every CMS compliance task and incident.

Role-based Access

Manage inter-departmental business processes seamlessly and assign role-level access to optimize workflows with full audit trails for data changes.


Access intuitive dashboards and customizable reports to target strategic data for optimized tactical compliance decision making.


Integrate custom assessments within health-plan audit forms with full scoring capabilities to efficiently quantify CMS and state compliance results.


Convert health-plan assessments directly to relevant compliance standards and policies to expedite the overall assessment process.

Assessment Portal

Gain insight regarding upcoming and overdue assessments to efficiently manage corrective action plans from a centralized compliance portal.

Files & Audits

Configure forms, audit provider-credentialing files and optimize system-implementation test cases to simplify health-plan audits.