Bengaluru, India — January 22, 2024 — Inovaare, a forefront player in healthcare compliance automation solutions, proudly announces the launch of its expansive new office in Bengaluru, India, building on its established presence since 2011. This ambitious expansion signifies Inovaare’s commitment to product innovation, implementation, and delivering superior support to its customers in the US Healthcare.

The new Bengaluru office is poised to become a dynamic center for professionals experienced in US health plan operations and compliance, innovative enterprise SaaS product developers, and skilled IT experts. The Bengaluru delivery center will be a hub for product innovation, delivery, and client service, leveraging India’s rich talent pool.

“This expansion transcends geographic presence, marking a strategic enhancement of our capabilities and amplifying our influence in the health-tech sector,” said Pravat Rout, CEO of Inovaare.

“As someone who has always strived to push boundaries, I admire Inovaare’s dedication to innovation and excellence in healthcare compliance. This new office symbolizes not just growth, but a commitment to creating impactful solutions for the healthcare sector,” said K. Y. Venkatesh, acclaimed Indian para-athlete and Padma Shri awardee who graced the event as the chief guest to inaugurate the new office.

Inovaare’s Bengaluru journey epitomizes growth and resilience. Beginning in a modest space with a handful of dedicated employees, the center has navigated challenges with tenacity under Lakshmi Narasiman’s guidance. Their collective effort not only sustained but also propelled Inovaare’s growth trajectory.

“The Bengaluru center is crucial to our innovation. Here, our emphasis is on continuously developing solutions that address unmet needs in healthcare operations and compliance, while also establishing new benchmarks for operational efficiency for our customers,” stated Lakshmi Narasiman, Co-Founder and SVP of Inovaare.

“This expansion in Bengaluru represents a significant milestone in Inovaare’s journey. It’s a reflection of our commitment to evolve and grow in alignment with the dynamic needs of healthcare compliance,” said Vipul Sanghvi, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Inovaare.

The Bengaluru team, a blend of seasoned experts and fresh minds, stands at the forefront of this evolution. Their work is pivotal in refining Inovaare’s sophisticated AI-driven platform. “At Inovaare, our AI-driven platform is designed to craft highly configurable, industry- compliant solutions. The infusion of new talent into our expanded Bengaluru office is set to enhance our platform’s capabilities further, pushing the frontiers of what we can offer to our clients,” articulated Mohar Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.